Have you ever purchased a home before?  If you have you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t it can be the most stressful, uneasy, overwhelming 30+ days you ever experience.  My job and what we do here at Parker Mortgage is exactly opposite.  Purchasing a new home for yourself or as an investment should be one of the most exciting, rewarding and happiest times you ever go through.  It’s a goal and achievement every person has, whether it’s your 1st home or your retirement home or anything in between.  It’s starting a family, it’s downsizing because your children are now adults, it’s investing in your future and diversifying your assets, IT’S THE AMERICAN DREAM!


We have processes in place to expedite the purchasing process, we will have your loan fully underwritten before you ever make an offer on a house.  We will meet in person to go through all of your loan disclosures and make sure you fully understand what you’re signing and how the loan is structured. Most importantly I will be by your side at the closing table when signing your final documents.  How so many loan officers don’t show up at their closings absolutely baffles me.


The Right Product for the Right Situation


Parker Mortgage offers a wide variety of loan products for various credit scores and down payments.  I will provide you multiple options based on your specific goals for your home and future.  My job is to inform you on how each loan works, explain the benefits or downside to that specific loan and show you what your loan will look like in 5, 10 & 20 years. We will talk through it and you choose what loan you feel works best for you and your family, not me. 


Have you ever felt pressured into a loan? Or felt like a loan officer was trying to sell you something?  That’s not how a mortgage should ever work and that’s not how we treat our clients at Parker Mortgage. 


Call me today and let me earn your trust & respect and show you what a difference I know I can make!


 - Jason Parker